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Linda Vo Class Oral Histories, 2012

Viet Stories: Vietnamese American Oral History Project

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Linda Vo Class Oral Histories, 2012



This seminar will introduce students to a range of key methodological issues in Asian American Studies. The readings are organized around questions, approaches, and critiques that will help students develop technical skills in qualitative research and analysis, as well as examine how researchers have studied the demographic transformations, economic restructuring, and political changes that shape social relations. We will gain a critical understanding of some of the theoretical, empirical, and ethical challenges posed by scholarly research in the humanities and social sciences. In addition, we will discuss "voice" which can refer to literal, direct forms of expression such as interviews, personal testimonies, and oral histories; and more broadly, as well as forms of symbolic representation such as photographs, videos, and other cultural texts. Students are required to complete a fieldwork research/oral history project, presentations, and short writing assignments.