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Early Campus Photograph Albums (University of California, Irvine)

Online Archive of UCI History

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Early Campus Photograph Albums (University of California, Irvine)



The Early Campus Photo Albums comprise 371 photographs documenting UCI's first decade, 1959-1969. The mostly black-and-white photographs were originally arranged as 11x14 prints in seven bound volumes. These albums were compiled by UC Irvine’s first director of publicity, Brad Atwood, for promotional use by university officials during the first years of the school. Chancellor Daniel Aldrich would frequently show the albums to visitors in his office. Coverage includes aerial and landscape photographs of the campus and Irvine Ranch area, construction of major campus buildings, scenes from daily campus life, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s appearance at the campus dedication ceremony in 1964, and other significant events and people from UCI's early history. Each photograph description is taken from the original captions listed in the back of each album.

Contributing photographers for all images are Bob Albright, Edward Allen Jr., Tom Carroll, Garth Chandler, Wayne Clark, Judy Cohen, Tom Cooper, Stuart Droker, Arthur Dubinsky, Anton Ercegovich, Beth Koch, William Laird, Rene Laursen, J. Eric Lawrence, Long Beach Press-Telegram, John Malmin (Los Angeles Times), Clay Miller, William Miller (Autonetics), Pacific Air Industries, David Ross, Norm Schindler, Stuart Shaffer, Ted Streshinsky, Bertil Svensson, Tech Photos, Tom F. Walters, and Voorheis, Trindle, & Nelson, Inc. Unfortunately, photographer attribution for individual photographs cannot be determined.