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Jaded, 2004-2007

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Jaded, 2004-2007



In its 12 issues from 2004-2007, Jaded, an alternative media magazine published by students at the University of California, Irvine, attempted to celebrate and support the Asian Pacific Islander community, according to its mission statement, by retelling the past, engaging the present, and creating a voice for the future. It hoped to build connections and bridge gaps between different people on and off campus. Its goal was to provide not only a space for students to voice different opinions and artistic expressions, but also as a form of activism through education and awareness. While the contents may be misrepresented or misconstrued, and the writers’ cultures misunderstood, the magazine’s mission statement declares, “we are not jaded in spirit. This is what we are about.” From issue 7, the magazine was subtitled: “Progressive Culture for All”. Up to 3,000 copies of each print issue were published. Selected issues were also posted online on the magazine’s web site (now defunct).

Seen as the “premiere alternative publication on campus” according to Traci Garling Lee’s article, “Thinking Alternative", New University, 29 March 2010, it garnered the UCI Dean of Students’ Social Justice Award in 2006 and the Campus Progress Publication of the Year in 2007.

Jaded relied on financial donations from readers and parents of its editorial staff, and from fundraisers. According to Ben Ritter’s article, “ ‘Jaded’ Magazine Plans to Fold’, in the 20 February 2007 New University “Other funds came from a Peter the Anteater scavenger hunt (the ‘Jaded’ team placed second and won $500) and a bake sale (they made $12 working for one entire day).” It also received financial support from APSA (Asian Pacific Student Association), the Alternative Media Board of ASUCI (Associated Students, UCI), and from the Center for American Progress/Campus Progress.

Jaded is made available through UCIspace @ the Libraries with the permission of its Editor in Chief, Diana Jou.

These digital files complement the UCI Libraries’ collection of UCI student publications in print, including Jaded. Special Collections and Archives in the Langson Library preserves copies of many of these publications


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  • Jaded, 2004-2007 [12 items]
    Jaded is an alternative media magazine published by students at the University of California, Irvine intended to encourage political, cultural, and social discourse among UCI students. It published 12 issues from 2004-2007.